Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a state of India. Madhya Pradesh is located in central India. So it is called the heart of the country. Madhya Pradesh is the firth largest state of India by population after Uttar Pradesh (1), Maharashtra (2) Bihar(3) and West Bengal(4). Its capital is Bhopal, and the largest city is Indore, with Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain and Sagar being the other major cities. Nicknamed the “Heart of India” due to its geographical location, Madhya Pradesh is the second largest Indian state by area and the fifth largest state by population with over 75 million residents.

Madhya Pradesh


  1. Population: 72,626,809 (6%)
  2. Rural Population: 52,557,404 (72.37%)
  3. Urban Population: 20,069,405 (27.63%)
  4. Area: 308,245 km2 (119,014 sq mi)
  5. Density: 236/km2 (610/sq mi)
  6. Sex ratio: 931/1000 (female/male)

Capital Of Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and administrative headquarters of both Bhopal district and Bhopal division. Bhopal is known as the city of lakes for its various natural and artificial lakes and it is one of the greenest cities of India. It is the 17th largest city of India and the world’s 131st place.

Rivers Of Madhya Pradesh

Betwa River, Wainganga River, Shipra River, Sindh River, Kali Sindh Rive, Rihand River, Wardha River, Kanhan River, Parbati River, Kwari River, Pahuj River, Sunar River, Keleghai River.

Tourist Places Of Madhya Pradesh

Popular tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh– Sanchi, Bhimbetka rock shelters, Kalka–Shimla railway, Gwalior Fort, Mandu, Kingdom of Dreams, Jai Vilas Mahal, Dachigam Wildlife Sanct…, Bharhut, Elante Mall, National Chambal Sanc…, Mehtab Bagh, Bhedaghat, Bagh Caves, Taj-ul-Masajid, Rajwada, Bhojpur, Van Vihar National Park, Dhuandhar Falls, 30 m, Bhojtal, 31 km², Bharat Bhavan, Government Museum and …, Bawangaja, Bargi Dam, Dhupgarh, 1,352 m, Usha Kiran Palace, Jawahar Sagar Dam, Tawa Reservoir, 225 km², Madan Mahal, Jabalpur, Sasbahu Temple, Gwalior, Kanch Mandir, Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam, Lower Lake, 1.290 km², Hanumantal Bada Jain Ma…, Ved Shala, Sanchi Stupa No. 2, Ninai Falls, 9.14 m, Bhadbhada Dam, Gyaraspur, Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrah…, Indore Museum, Rani Durgawati Museum, Chaturbhuj Temple, Gwalior, Salamatpur, Hammam-e-Qadimi, Nehru Park, Rajbada Garden, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanct…, Sair Sapata,

Languages of Madhya Pradesh

Most people who speak the language in Madhya Pradesh are local dialects of Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi and Hindi. Regional languages are spoken by people belonging to those special areas of India, but passengers will not have any problem because English and Hindi are universally spoken / understood.

Religions of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Religion Madhya Pradesh is a land that embraces all the major religions – Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Christian religion of India. Although the state has a common habitat for people belonging to many religions, castes and creed, there is no internal battle between them.

Districts of Madhya Pradesh

There are 52 districts in Madhya Pradesh. Here is the list of Madhya Pradesh districts. –

Districts of Madhya Pradesh: Morena district, Chhindwara district, Bhopal district, Khandwa district, Betul district, Guna district, Bhind district, Indore district, Balaghat district, Jabalpur district, Chhatarpur district, Sagar district, Raisen district, Rewa

Division of Madhya Pradesh

There are total 53 districts in Madhya Pradesh, those are divided in 10 divisions. They are:

Bhopal Division, Chambal Division, Gwalior Division, Indore Division, Jabalpur Division, Narmadapuram Division, Rewa Division, Sagar Division, Shahdol Division, Ujjain Division.

Education and research in Madhya Pradesh

Ensuring the multi-dimensional development of the student’s personality and reaching it to the goal, it is also the purpose of higher education to develop human qualities in it. Our college and university are the light pillars of education, whose light spreads through students through the entire society and the world. Under the student’s life, the values ​​of life values ​​are in these temples of education. Madhya Pradesh Government’s Higher Education Department is constantly trying in this direction. Numerical accretion of educational institutions, quality education and multi-faceted achievements of students are a direct evidence that the Higher Education Department has been successful in achieving its goal.

Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Department is constantly trying to make young people studying in educational institutions, be strong, mentally and spiritually strong, energetic. At the same time, there should be cultural, social, moral commitment in these youth, they should be valued, cultured, and sensitive, so that when they go to the society, when they go to the society, they can serve humanity with their best contribution.

The education system in the arts, science and commerce etc. of the colleges has been empowered through the Ambassador professors. The teaching system has also been effective through various innovations.

Education Board of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Education Board is Educaton Board of India. West The Madhya Pradesh Board of Primary Education is the state government administered autonomous authority for overseeing primary education in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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