Some Important Facts of Human Body: Science

Today, In this list/table, we are going to share with you the incredible facts about the human body. For example, did you know that children can only see in black and white? Or that one of your hairs can stay on your head for 7 years? The human body is attractive and we are going to share it with you.

Important Facts of Human Body

The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the ‘cornea‘ of the eye. It receives oxygen directly from the air. The human brain has a memory capacity which is the equivalent of more than four terabytes on a hard drive.

The human body is an extremely complex and elaborate system and it still baffle researchers repeatedly despite thousands of years of medical awareness.

List/table of Important Facts of Human Body:

# Particular Description
1. Length of alimentary canal Approximately 8 metres
2. BMR (Basal metabolic rate) 1600 K. Cal/day
3. Number of cells in body 75 trillion
4. Longest bone Femur (Thigh bone)
5. Smallest bone Ear ossicle, stapes
6. Weight of brain 1400 gms
7. Blood volume 6.8 litres (in 70 kg body)
8. Normal B.P. 120/80 mm Hg
9. Number of R.B.C. (a) In male: 4.5-5.O million/cubic mm

(b) In female: 4.0-4.5 million/cubic mm

10. Life span of R.B.C. 120 days
11. Nomal W.B.C. count 5000-1000/cubic mm
12. Lite span of W.B.C. 3-4 days
13. D.L.C. (Differential leucocyte count) (a) Basophils: 0.5-1%

(b) Eosinophils: 1-3%

(c) Monocytes: 3-8%

(d) Neutrophils: 40-70%

(e) Lymphocytes: 2-25%

14. Blood platelets count 2,00,000-4,00,000/cubic mm
15. Haemoglobin (a) In male: 14-15.6 gm/100 c.c. of blood

(b) In female: 11-14 gm/100 c.c. of blood

16. Hb content in body 500-700 gm
17. Universal blood donor ‘O’ Rh-ve
18. Universal blood recipient AB
19. Blood clotting time 2-5 minutes
20. Average body weight 70 kg
21. Normal body femperature 98.4° F or 37° C
22. Breathing rate 16-20/minute
23. Dental formula adult: 2123/2123 = 32,

child: 2120/2120 = 22 milk teeth

24. Number of cranial nerves 12 pairs
25. Number of spinal nenves 31 pairs
26. Largest endocrine gland Thyroid
27. Gestation period 9 months (253-266 days)
28. Normal heart beat 72-75/minute
29. Largest gland Liver
30. Largest muscle in the body Gluteus maximus (Buttock muscle)
31. Largest smooth muscle Uterus of pregnant woman
32. Smallest muscle in the body Stapedius
33. Largest artery Abdominal aorta
34. Largest vein Interior venacava
35. Largest W.B.C. Monocyte
36. Smallest W.B.C. Lymphocyte
37. Greatest regeneration power In liver
38. Longest nerve Sciatic
39. Longest cell Neuron (nerve cell)
40. Menstrual cycle 28 days
41. Menopause age 45-50 years
42. Minimum regeneration power In brain cells
43. Minimum distance tor proper vision 25 cm
44. Type of placenta Haemochorial (Chorioallantoic)
45. Pulse rate 72/minute
46. Volume ot semen 2-4 ml/ejaculation
47. Normal sperm count 200-350 million/ejaculation
48. ESR (normal Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) 4-10 min./hour
49. Thinnest skin Conjunctiva
50. pH of gastric juice 1.4
51. pH of urine 6.0
52. pH of blood 7.35-7.45
53. pH of bile 7.5
54. pH of pancreatic juice 8.5
55. Total number of muscles in the body 639
56. Total number of bones in the body 206
57. Largest organ of human body Skin

Important Facts of Human Body

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