History – History of India (Indian History)

Ancient India:
Indus Valley Civilization,
Vedic Period: The Aryans,
The Mahajanapadas,
Growth of Buddhism & Jainism,
Magadha Empire,
Alexander’s Invasion,
The Mauryan Dynasty,
Central Asian,
Kingdoms After The Mauryans,
Sangam Age,
The Gupta Dynasty,
Other Dynasties And Rulers.

Medieval India:
Mahmud of Ghazni,
Muhammad Ghori,
The llbari Dynasty,
or Slave Dynasty,
The Khalji Dynasty,
The Tughlaq Dynasty,
The Sayyid Dynasty,
The Lodhi Dynasty,
Provincial Kingdoms,
Religions Movements,
Vijaynagar Kingdom,
Bahmani Kingdom,
The Mughal Empire,
Communal and Regional Uprisings.

Modern India:
The Advent of Europeans,
Governor Generals,
The Revolt of 1857,
Social and Cultural Uprisings,
Viceroys of India- 1858 Aug. 14 to 1947,
British Educational Policy and Growth of Modern Education,
Important Wars of the 20th Century.


1. Ancient India

  1. Pre-History
  2. Indus Valley Civilization
  3. Vedic Period: The Aryans
  4. The Mahajanapadas
  5. Growth of Buddhism & Jainism
  6. Magadha Empire
  7. Alexander’s Invasion
  8. The Mauryan Dynasty
  9. Central Asian
  10. Contact
  11. Kingdoms After The Mauryans
  12. Sangam Age
  13. The Gupta Dynasty
  14. Other Dynasties And Rulers

2. Medieval India

  1. Mahmud of Ghazni
  2. Muhammad Ghori
  3. The llbari Dynasty
  4. or Slave Dynasty
  5. The Khalji Dynasty
  6. The Tughlaq Dynasty
  7. The Sayyid Dynasty
  8. The Lodhi Dynasty
  9. Provincial Kingdoms
  10. Religions Movements
  11. Vijaynagar Kingdom
  12. Bahmani Kingdom
  13. The Mughal Empire
  14. Communal and Regional Uprisings

3. Modern India

  1. The Advent of Europeans
  2. Governor Generals
  3. The Revolt of 1857
  4. Social and Cultural Uprisings
  5. Viceroys of India- 1858 Aug. 14 to 1947
  6. British Educational Policy and Growth of Modern Education
  7. Important Wars of the 20th Century

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