Geography and Indian Geography

Geography: Cosmology,
Solar System,
The Earth,
Earth Movements,
International Date Line,
Internal Structure of the Earth,
Composition of Earth,
The Rocks,
Types of Mountains,
Layers of Atmosphere,
Global Pressure Belts,
Winds and Their Types,
Cyclones and Anticylones,
The Hydrosphere,
Ocean Currents,
Major Shipping Canals,
Some Facts on Continents.


  1. Cosmology
  2. Solar System
  3. Earth
  4. Earth Movements
  5. Latitude
  6. Longitude
  7. International Date Line
  8. Eclipses
  9. Internal Structure of the Earth
  10. Composition of Earth
  11. Lithosphere
  12. The Rocks
  13. Earthquakes
  14. Types of Mountains
  15. Atmosphere
  16. Layers of Atmosphere
  17. Global Pressure Belts
  18. Winds and Their Types
  19. Cyclones and Anticylones
  20. The Hydrosphere
  21. Salinity
  22. Ocean Currents
  23. Major Shipping Canals
  24. Islands
  25. Some Facts on Continents

Indian Geography

  1. Physiography
  2. Mountains of India
  3. Plains of India
  4. Peninsular Plateau
  5. Islands of India
  6. Rivers of India
  7. The Climate of India
  8. National Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries
  9. Agriculture in India
  10. Mineral Resources of India
  11. Industries in India
  12. Nuclear Power Stations
  13. Important River Valley Projects
  14. Transportation in India
  15. Ports in India
  16. Miscellaneous Information on India
  17. States in India
  18. Union Territories in India

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