Bihar is a state of India. Bihar is located in North-East India. It is the third largest state of India followed by population. It is the thirteenth largest Indian state with an area of 94,163 km2. The third largest state of population, it is in the west with Uttar Pradesh, from Nepal to the north, from the northern part of West Bengal to the east, with Jharkhand in the south. Capital of Bihar is Patna. Bihar is the most densely populated state of all the states that make eastern India with a total population of 124 million people. With an annual growth rate of 2.5% in its population, Bihar is the third largest state in India after Uttar Pradesh (1) and Maharashtra (2).



  1. Population: 104,099,452(8.6%)
  2. Rural Population: 92,341,436(88.71%)
  3. Urban Population: 11,758,016(11.29%)
  4. Area: 94,163 km2(36,357 sq mi)
  5. Density: 1,102/km2 (2,850/sq mi)
  6. Sex ratio: 918/1000 (female/male)

Capital Of Bihar

Patna, the capital of Bihar, is located in Middle Eastern India on the southern bank of the river Ganga. Being the location of many strip rivers, the Son, Gandak and Punpun rivers include Patna, known as the largest river city in the world.

Rivers Of Bihar

Bihar – Rivers: Phalgu, Burhi Gandak River 320 km, Karmanasa River 192 km, Mohana River, Lilajan River, Ratua, Khola, Durgavati River, Kiul River 111 km.

Tourist Places Of Bihar

Major Attractions in Bihar: Bodh Gaya, Mahabodhi Temple, Gaya, Kalka–Shimla railway, Barabar Caves, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Elante Mall, Mehtab Bagh, Golghar, Pawapuri, Kumhrar, Government Museum, Agam Kuan, Lomas Rishi Cave, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Vikramshila Setu, Maner Sharif, Gandhi Maidan, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library, Munger Fort, Saptaparni Cave, Jal mandir, Funtasia Water Park, Shaheed Smarak Complex, Patna Planetarium, Taregana, Padri Ki Haveli, Srikrishna Science Centre, Shri Krishna Memorial Hall, Sabhyata Dwar, Maurya Lok, Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir, Kargil Chowk, Gandhi Maidan Marg, Patna Golf Club, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, …, Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya, Kastaharni Ghat, Bakraur, Sandish Compound, Kawakole, Jivakarama vihara, Maner , Mocharim.

Languages of Bihar

Languages of Bihar: Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Santali language, Angika, Magahi, Bajjika, Kudmali.

Religions of Bihar

Religion in Bihar: Bihar presents prosperity in cultural diversity. The main religions of Bihar are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is a known fact that two important religions, Buddhism and Jainism, were born in Bihar.

Districts of Bihar

Districts of Bihar State, India There are 38 Districts and 101 Sub divisions in Bihar State. Districts of Bihar: Vaishali district, Siwan district, Madhubani district, Gaya district, Bhojpur, East Champaran district, West Champaran district, Muzaffarpur district, Darbhanga district, Kishanganj district, Patna district, Purnia district, Aurangabad district, Bihar, Saran district.

Mandals of Bihar

There are 38 Districts, 9 divisions and 101 Sub divisions in Bihar State. Mandals of Bihar: Patna Division, Magadh Division, Munger Division, Darbhanga Division, Kosi Division, Purnia Division, Bhagalpur Division, Saran Division, Tirhut Division.

Education and research in Bihar

The National Institute of Health Education and Research is located in Patna in the state of Bihar, India. Founded in 1995, it is recognized by INC and affiliated to Magadha University.

Education Board of Bihar

Bihar Board is Educaton Board of India. Bihar School Examination Board, Bihar. Bihar State Government has an autonomous test authority for the standard 10 examination of the headquarters in Patna and the standard 12 examination.

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